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google chrome american expressBCRF receives over 40 million homepage visits each month and is ranked in the top ten most visited travel sites, giving you the perfect place to reach your customers. Be a part of the travel experience from the start with premium home page custom placements including:

  • Hero Image
  • Carousel Unit
  • Footer Banner

65% of visitors return
to our site, and 59% of those come
back within 3 days.

Your banner ad can be placed on over 40 pages throughout It's a great way to make a first impression.... and a few million impressions every month. Customers keep coming back to for updates on their trip or to plan their next getaway, giving you multiple opportunties to reach them. generates over 291 million impressions a month throughout the site.

Over 3.3 million customers check
in online each month.

Here's your chance to get travelers to check out your brand while they're checking in. What a perfect time to reach them while they are thinking about what they will need for their trip ahead.

In-Flight Sky magazine

No need to bring reading material on board, Sky has you covered. As the most-read onboard magazine in the world, Sky reaches nearly 60 million hard to reach, affluent and influential readers each year. It's also the only inflight publication to win Best Custom Publication two consecutive years by FOLIO: Sky has rewritten the book on in-flight magazines with award-winning, buzz driving covers and content to match. Your ad is always in the spotlight with Sky.

Sky readers are the best of the best when it comes to Delta customers:
- Average age: 45
- 52% men / 48% women
- 83% college educated
- $123,000 Average HHI

Sky readers are the financial weight behind their companies: 45% have made a business purchase in the past 12 months—more than Forbes, Fortune, Business Week and The Economist and 21% are employed in Top Management positions.

Sky readers are global travelers: 2.5 million have traveled internationally in the past 3 years and 2 million have taken more than 3 domestic trips in the past 12 months.

Why not shine a white hot spotlight on your brand while the ultimate consumer is free from distractions and diving into Sky's engaging content? With strategic placements and adjacencies throughout the magazine, relevant editorial in our special advertising sections and dynamic offerings like issue cover wraps and inserts, your message will grab them and stay with them.

Sky readers are the financial weight behind their companies: 45% have made a business purchase in the past 12 months—more than Forbes, Fortune, Business Week and The Economist and 21% are employed in Top Management positions.

Sky readers are global travelers: 2.5 million have traveled internationally in the past 3 years and 2 million have taken more than 3 domestic trips in the past 12 months.

Sky's engaging and relevant content captures readers' attention for an average of 33 minutes. Remember, at the start and end of every flight no electronics are allowed making Sky a welcome diversion. Plus, through content integration opportunities with select editorial like Great Drives, sponsorship of programs like Show Us Your Sky and sweepstakes, we give you ways to stay connected long after the flight has landed.

Sky magazine is more than just paper. It combines both print and digital in unique ways that can take your brand further. gives you a myriad of options, including take over sponsorships, ownership of monthly E-newsletters and extended/new content. Plus, access is free onboard all Wi-Fi flights.

Customer Retargeting

We understand. You want the crème de la crème. We combine online data and SkyMiles customer activity to create valuable segments within our customer base. You can target Delta's customers once they have left the site through our retargeting program. Nearly 155 million unique customers are available for targeting. With Delta Sky Media - you can get as specific as you need, targeting by:

  • Actual purchase behavior: destinations, class of service, frequency of travel, duration of travel, number of travelers
  • Search behavior: destinations, class of service, duration of travel, number of travelers
  • SkyMiles: status and recent balance
Wi-Fi Session Sponsorship

Segmentation is available by route
and even a specific day of the week
to reach your target customers.

Our customers love in-flight Wi-Fi, and we happen to have the largest internet-enabled fleet in the world. Passengers appreciate when Delta's partners sponsor complimentary Wi-Fi, and you will be happy when users engage with your brand before starting their session. When customers are happy, everyone is happy.

Wi-Fi Time-Based Sponsorship

Travelers can enter information, watch a short video touting your brand or a host of other options in order to receive complimentary Wi-Fi for a portion of their flight. Not only will they engage with your brand, they'll be happy to do it. Sponsorships can be offered based on route, device type and day of the week.

Wi-Fi Portal Advertising

With Delta Sky Media, you are in control. You can sponsor a specific website that passengers access free of charge during the flight. Trying to drive traffic to your Facebook page or new product site? A website sponsorship can take passengers to the page of your choice. Plus, we'll promote your sponsorship through portal advertising, driving further brand engagement and ensuring that our passengers know about your great offer.

With Delta Sky Media, you can get as personal as you want. So when you interact with the million customers visiting the portal each month, your message can be customized to the passenger.  You can mention their destination city or the length of your flight, and bigger is always better. A larger format will definitely get their attention. Engage them through rich media overlays and vibrant banner creative.

The Delta Wi-Fi portal gets over
1.5 million mpressions each month.

Why not take over the portal experience by wrapping the entire portal with your branding? Custom branded wallpaper, paired with a banner and a website sponsorship will maximize exposure to each user that visits the portal.

The Flight Tracker is an engaging and essential feature for travelers. By integrating your message into this must-see content, users will be thinking about your brand from takeoff to landing.

In-Flight Entertainment Video

Flying is the time to watch all the movies you never get to watch at home. And prior to selected movies or TV shows is the perfect time to show a 30-second video from your brand. Passengers are buckled in and ready to watch. Take advantage of it.

Passengers like to navigate through our In-Flight Entertainment System. It's the airplane version of channel surfing. And while they're doing it, your 30 second video will periodically pop up to keep your brand top of mind.

Ever wish you could just tell people to watch your ad? Well, we can. Here is your chance to place a 30-, 60- second or long-form video on overhead systems within the in-flight entertainment seatback.

In-Flight Entertainment Advertising

During boarding and deplaning, passengers are surrounded by your message on rotating video screens throughout the cabin. What an easy way to generate over 4.6 million impressions every month.

With hundreds of on-demand movies, TV shows and radio programs, Delta's best-in-class in-flight entertainment system is the center of a passenger's universe. It's also the ultimate opportunity to have passengers engage with your brand through truly interactive rotating banners, which, when touched, expand to a full screen or a video to give customers more details about your campaign.

As passengers click the seat back screen for entertainment options, your video will pop up for viewing. Delta Sky Media will provide analytics after the campaign including number of video play times, average video dwell time and video completion count.

Delta is introducing the first interactive advertising experience by offering custom applications in the seat back screens. Your app can have videos, brand information and even data capture so you can reach them when they land. Plus, Delta will provide analytics including the amount of time passengers spent on each page of your app to optimize the experience.

Want to know what passengers really think about your product? You can now simply ask them while they are onboard through our custom survey section. Even better, you can ask about an ad that played while they were onboard for truly top-of-mind recall.

IFE Roadblock Video

Our captive audience of over 5
million customers will view your
30-second spot each.

How do you reach millions of people who are not connected to a cell phone, tablet or laptop? With our roadblock video, of course. Your ad will be viewed by the entire cabin, with full audio, before the plane has reached 10,000 feet. And of course all devices are switched off.

Delta Sky Club®

Ever wish you could put all of the wealthiest, most influential business people in a room and talk to them about your brand? Well that room is called the Delta Sky Club. We operate 53 Sky Clubs® in 36 airport locations, giving you access to over a million travelers entering our lounges each month. Away from the hustle and bustle, the lounge is the perfect place to submerse Delta customers in your brand. We'll help you build a unique campaign that will seamlessly integrate your brand into the lounge experience through entrance messaging, beverage service and Wi-Fi portal advertising, to name just a few. Seriously, we've captured your best customers in an environment that you can control.

Want to get your message to our top customers in a big way? How about a 42" HD LCD screen? Having your message on digital signage in the Delta Sky Club is big, bold and well-positioned next to up-to-date news, weather, sports and flight information. You even have the option to make it static or motion. Your message can be targeted by airport, market or club. That way, you can make your message even more relevant to people who are ready to view.

The Wi-Fi portal pages are specifically designed to keep lounge members informed of the latest airline and world news information. In fact, every lounge member accessing the internet is now redirected to this page. A perfect place for two premium ad units to tout your product or service.

The opportunities don't end with just telling customers about your brand. You can actually show them. They can test or sample your product at an event within the lounge. We'll work with you to come up with truly memorable and engaging ways to get our high-value customers to interact with your brand. It's a level of interaction you never thought possible.

Online Boarding Pass

By advertising on the online boarding pass, we can provide you with relevant and timely placements that enable you to target specific audiences during each online check-in experience. Increase brand equity and awareness, increase offer conversions, drive site traffic, and target in-market travel audiences with relevant offers.

Did you know that 35% of travelers hold onto their printed boarding pass for at least 24 hours, and 15% carry it for 6 days or more? Your specified audience can be targeted by destination, gender, and service class (to name a few) so the right customer will see your ad throughout their trip.

Customers can be targeted
by origin, destination or length
of trip, to name just a few.

You can take over the boarding pass experience in a big way, with space, animation and video. A take-over of the online boarding pass includes a canvas layover with up to :10 seconds of animation and an online ad which becomes a video unit when you roll over it.

Airport Gate Screen

Our gate screens are viewed
by over 22 million customers
each month.

Gate screens are the key information source within an airport. Everybody checks them, sometimes dozens of times, for the most up-to-date information on their flight. We all stare at them while waiting for our upgrade status. Your 15-second animated banner ads can bring a little color to this experience on over 1,235 gate screens throughout the world. Best of all you can geo-target customers in major markets including Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Salt Lake City.


Your ad attached to the kiosk will be viewed by the millions of customers checking in for their flight as well as other travelers in the airport. You can target the exact city or cities of your choice to grab major attention for your next big launch.

Over 3.3 million
customers check in at our
kiosks each month.

How do you find people who will focus on your message? By placing your ad on over 2,400 kiosks throughout the system. You will have their full attention while their boarding pass is printing and before the customer heads off to their flight.

Printed Boarding Pass

Imagine 11 million flyers carrying your logo throughout airports nationwide each month. That's what we deliver when you place your message on the back of a Delta boarding pass.

Get Creative Most of all, Delta Sky Media gives you a chance to be creative with your ideas.
Think of our many touchpoints as an empty canvas. When you combine an
uncluttered, distraction-free environment with the ultimate consumer and the entire Delta team at your disposal, anything is possible. You've seen a few of the ways you can partner with Delta, but seriously, the sky is the limit.
Delta Customer Profile
Delta customers have money to spend. Right now.
In fact, they're more likely to have top tier levels
of discretionary income.
If your home is your castle, Delta customers have nicer castles.
They're more likely to own homes upwards of $250K.
Not only are Delta customers ready to spend,
with a greater net worth, they're more comfortable doing it.
53% have net a worth of $250K or more.
Delta customers are ready to buy. As you can see,
39% have incomes of $100K and higher.
And they're more likely to have professional careers.
Want smarter customers? 60% of Delta customers
have an undergraduate or graduate degree, compared to
45% of U.S. households.
Delta Customers are more interested in the kinds of
things that attract top brands.
And offline.
Delta customers spend more online.
Delta customers use their plastic.
Our customers like nice things. These are the highest
indexing purchases made by Delta customers.
Methodology & Data

Acxiom® corporation completed a Data Portrait Analysis (DPA) for Delta Air Lines. The DPA compares the demographic and lifestyle/interest characteristics of customer households to the characteristics of households in a reference population. The reference population contains a cross-section of randomly selected household records from the InfoBase-X™ Database, a nationally representative multi-source compiled database. The result of the comparison is a list of characteristics that identify and distinguish customer households across the United States.

We're happy to provide more details or any specific data on this study.
Just contact us at

Google Chrome

Launch the newest Google product, Google Chrome

During the 2010 holiday season, Google partnered with Delta utilizing 18 unique customer touchpoints to promote complimentary Wi-Fi sessions on all flights.

Through the partnership, Delta generated over 120 million impressions for Google Chrome.

Click an icon to see some of the ways
Google partnered with Delta.
American Express

Promote the American Express "My Card Can" campaign.

In June 2010, American Express partnered with Delta to promote their newest campaign through various online, airport and in-flight channels. The campaign highlighted several new card member benefits, including a free checked bag on every Delta flight.

Click an icon to see some of the ways
American Express partnered with Delta.
The Breast Cancer
Research Foundation

Increase awareness and raise funds
for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®, one of Delta's largest philanthropic efforts.

Delta supported the campaign by leveraging 20 different communication channels to deliver the BCRF message, reaching customers traveling during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Delta partnered with Coca-Cola to donate 100% of the proceeds from the onboard purchase of Minute Maid® Pink Lemonade in October.

The campaign generated over 55 million impressions in one month, and BCRF received nearly $1M in donations from the multi-channel effort. Delta's social media channels were
also involved, sparking conversation amongst nearly 1 million followers.

Click an icon to see some of the ways
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
partnered with Delta.
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